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Welcome to reTHINK: by contXtual. We’re created this guide to help get you started. Use this guide to answer common questions you may have.

Joining a meeting

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Supported File Types

reTHINK supports a variety of native content formats that can be easily imported and shared. These formats will continually be expanded, and currently we support:  2D, 3D, Audio and Video

What devices work with reTHINK?

Currently we support Meta Quest 2 and Magic Leap 2

Where can I download reTHINK?

  • You can download reTHINK: on Meta’s App Lab (add link)
  • For Magic Leap 2, you can find the app here (add link)

How to create an Avatar

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Does reTHINK work on Quest 1?

We do not support Quest 1. The optimal experience can be enjoyed on Quest 2 or Pro.

Does reTHINK work on Magic Leap 1?

We do not support Magic Leap 1 and reTHINK: must be used on a Magic Leap 2 device.

Why can’t I connect to reTHINK

  • Make sure your device is connected to Wifi
  • Make sure your connection is not blocked by a firewall, or VPN – these can block access to reTHINK even if your connected to Wifi

I’m able to hear, but people can’t hear me speak in reTHINK:

On Quest, when you load reTHINK make sure to “allow” voice to be recorded on the popup when loading (add correct language).

How do I invite others into a room I’ve created?

We do not support Quest 1. The optimal experience can be enjoyed on Quest 2 or Pro.

How do I join a room with others?

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Can I access reTHINK: on the web?

We will be supporting Web access to reTHINK and will post info on our website as we get closer to release.

I haven’t received an email invite?

If you are not receiving an invite to join a meeting, most of the time this issue is caused by your firewall or internet provider ad blocking settings. Add “https://www.getrethink.com” and https://www.dropbox.getrethink.com to your safe list.

Why meet in reTHINK?

reTHINK: helps remote teams innovate

How many people can meet in a room at any one time?

We primarily designed spaces for small teams, groups, or gatherings and support “X-#?” of concurrent users in a room.

Can we design or upload our own rooms?

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How many people can meet in a room at any one time?

We primarily designed spaces for small teams, groups, or gatherings and support “X-#?” of concurrent users in a room.

Do you provide headsets for demos or pilots?

No, but there are resources online to help you rent the headsets you need, if you don’t want to purchase them before trying reTHINK.

Can I use my PC in reTHINK:?

Currently we don’t support a direct link from your personal computer, but you can upload files into Dropbox, that can be accessed within reTHINK:

Do I need a license to use reTHINK:?

No. reTHINK: is free to use and guests can login without creating an account. We encourage people to register at www.getrethink.com to be able to personalize reTHINK:

Still have questions? email us at support@contxtual.solutions
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Section 1 – Prohibited Content

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