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3 Reasons to Hire Medical or Dental Back-Office Support Staff in the Philippines

June 15, 2017 Claire Ponsaran
3 Reasons to Hire Medical or Dental Back-Office Support Staff in the Philippines

It’s not surprising to see many overseas companies move their medical and dental back-office support staff in the Philippines. These firms have the advantage of hiring Filipino staff without bringing them into their countries as immigrant workers.

For these firms, the reasons are widely known and appreciated. For those who are unfamiliar with the Philippines, consider the following reasons why you should hire Filipino outsourcing staff for your medical or dental organization.

#1 Employers around the world prefer to hire Filipinos as nurses, caregivers, and nannies because of their culture.

Filipinos have been known to be kind and caring to their patients and to the elderly and children they’re responsible for. They have a friendly and cheerful disposition, an innate sensitivity towards social mores, and a natural curiosity about other cultures.

All these qualities frequently exhibited by overseas Filipino workers are also inherent in your outsourcing staff. They have excellent interpersonal skills that make them effective in customer service.

#2 Filipinos can speak English clearly and they can hold a conversation with American customers.

It’s amazing how well Filipinos speak English after years of being taught the language and exposed to American culture through movies, television, and music. It’s understandable that some idiomatic expressions and obscure pop culture references may go over their heads. But, your customers may not stay on the line long enough for them to chat with your staff about the recently concluded NBA finals or the top-grossing “Wonder Woman” film starring Gal Gadot.

#3 The Philippines is the world’s largest supplier of foreign-trained nurses.

An article quoted Reuben Seguritan, general counsel of the Philippine Nurses Association of America (PNAA), who said that “the Philippines is the world’s largest supplier of foreign-trained nurses with 429 nursing schools and 80,000 nursing students.” The number of Filipino registered nurses who were hired by hospitals, clinics, medical institutions, and private individuals may have decreased because of changes in hiring policy. But, the demand for their services remains higher than the average year after year.

Not all nurses in the Philippines went abroad. Many of them stayed. While some were able to find jobs in local hospitals and clinics, a majority still find themselves employed as call center workers. They’re much better equipped to handle administrative work for health care accounts because of their familiarity with the procedures and terminology.

Medical and dental health institutions would rather hire Filipino outsourcing workers with a related degree and work experience in healthcare than those who don’t have these qualifications. They’re able to bring down training costs and shorten the time it takes to orient new employees. Outsourcing companies can have them work on the floor with their respective teams after two weeks of training.

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