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4 Reasons Why You Need Chat Support for Your Website

June 22, 2017 Roma Gonzales
4 Reasons Why You Need Chat Support for Your Website

Don’t have time to visit a store? Good thing there’s online shopping! But wait, the product you want seems to be out of stock. When will it become available again? And the details about delivery and shipping are confusing. You send an email, but two days passed and you still haven’t received a reply…

By 2021, 2.14 billion people worldwide are expected to shop and buy through the internet. With the ease of going through stores with literally just the palm of our hands, it’s understandable why this is the direction global commerce is embracing. Currently, however, 57% of online carts are abandoned. According to this study, 78% or more than three-quarters of visitors actually shop without proceeding to buy.

With more and more businesses extending their reach to the online market, how are you going to set yourself apart? Some companies have already turned to web chat support, and enjoy the following benefits.

1. Improved Customer Experience

Of the 2000 respondents in this research, web chat earned the highest customer satisfaction rating at 73%. Email and phone only rated 61% and 44% respectively.

Chat support is swiftly gaining popularity. About 90% of consumers say they feel more secure when the service is offered and 63% are more likely to use the site again.

They don’t have to pick up the phone and dial a customer hotline. Web chat is convenient and fast, especially when it’s live. While scrolling through an online store, they can communicate their queries to a real person and get their answers almost immediately. In addition, consumers can do this while multitasking at home or in their office.

2. Increased Sales

An easy-to-reach customer support via web chat inspires confidence and builds trust among clients. They will unlikely leave their shopping carts and eventually forget about them when their questions about color, size, and material are answered with little delay. Customers’ pain points, in short, are immediately resolved.

Take for instance US-based Nationwide Mutual Insurance. By implementing a proactive chat solution, they reported capturing 30% to 40% of previously abandoning customers.

One survey claims that 33% of clients said their purchases were completed because of the chats they had with customer service.

By engaging with a customer through web chat, not only can you help them find answers to their questions. You can also promote other products, make recommendations, or directly inform them of current and upcoming special offers and promos.

When your customers know they can trust you, they will repetitively use and recommend your service or products to their friends, family, and colleagues. And, this results in greater revenue growth.

3. Competitive Edge Over Competition

Of the 90 Websites (30 in travel, 30 in retail, and 30 in financial services) that participated in this study, only 14 provided chat support.

Between you and your competitors, having a live chat service means attracting and retaining customers. In fact, 44% of online shoppers claim that having their queries addressed mid-purchase is one of the most valuable features of a website.

4. More Savings

According to a 2010 Forrester research, these are the average costs of contact per client:

  • Call center technical support call: $12 and higher
  • Call center CSR: $6 and higher
  • Web chat or call back: $5 and higher
  • E-mail response: $2.50 to $5 and higher

Based on the figures, chat support is more expensive than email support and cheaper than phone support. Because of the previously mentioned benefits, web support may be the best of the three: it can be done in real time and it’s personal and fast.

The best part is that a single support agent can handle two or more clients at one time! This means, depending on the type and scale of your business, you’ll need a smaller team of agents for web chat support than when you have phone-based customer service.

Moreover, there’s no need to train your agents in English pronunciation or for accent neutralization! Instead, you can teach them how to automate their replies using macros, which will cut down the time it takes to respond and improve the clarity and brevity of their messages. And, you can redirect more resources into other areas of your business such as web development or improvements to your facilities.

A live chat service makes it easy for you to adapt to the growing demands for speed and convenience in the digital world. It’s easy, fast, and personal. It allows you to communicate with a real person without having to dial the telephone or drop what you are currently doing.

In time, most commercial websites will inevitably integrate online chat support into their customer service strategy. But for now, it remains a unique advantage that your business is wise to invest in.

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