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5 Key Benefits of Applying Fair Trade Call Center Practices Part 2

December 19, 2017 Claire Ponsaran
5 Key Benefits of Applying Fair Trade Practices in a Fair Trade Call Center

Employees are just one side of the equation of what makes a business successful. The other side is held by customers, and in the case of a fair trade call center — an outsourcing company that practices fair trade principles — they need clients who share their beliefs in running a business.

5 Key Benefits to Fair Trade Labor Outsourcing Clients

For clients, a fair trade call center brings a lot of benefits, but five of them can be considered key factors in making their outsourcing strategy work to their advantage.

#1 Openness, honesty and accountability are among the defining qualities of work relationships in a fair trade call center.

Clients are assured that the terms of an outsourcing contract with a fair trade call center will always be transparent and that one or both parties will be held accountable in the event that something bad happens. Not only that, progress reports are regularly sent to provide clients with snapshots of what’s happening with their agents and what they have accomplished so far. These practices are in alignment to a culture of fairness, openness, and accountability that’s nurtured by a fair trade labor outsourcing company.

#2 The management team is focused on improving the economic and social welfare of agents to drive up their enthusiasm and sense of ownership towards their work.

A fair trade call center is determined to provide living wages for their agents and not cheat them of the employment benefits they truly deserve. Because they’re able to provide a comfortable life for their families and themselves, agents have fewer things to worry about and more things to be happy for. Not only that, they’re given more freedom to accomplish their tasks, which teaches them to have a sense of responsibility and ownership over their work.

#3 When agents feel safe at work and have peace of mind, they can accomplish almost ANYTHING, regardless of where they live.

This is a truth that’s proven again and again. Employees — regardless of the industry they work in and their location — will always respond to kindness, understanding, and praise from the management. Add the promise of job tenure and security at work, and this will motivate your employees to achieve anything they set their minds to.

#4 An alliance with a fair trade labor outsourcing company delivers quality work output from professionals who continue to develop their life, leadership and peer support skills with the help of the management team and your unflinching support.

In a fair trade call center, agents possess more than technical and communication skills. They’re good at their job because they also have life, leadership and peer support skills. High-caliber employees have a wider range of skills that encompass knowledge and technical mastery. And, this what you get when you partner with a fair trade outsourcing company.

#5 It’s not just the employee’s welfare that’s important to a fair trade call center; the client’s business is a major concern for everyone involved.

Instead of leaving you to your devices and expecting you to manage a global team on your own, the management team of a fair trade labor outsourcing company will always be there to lend you support. Your company will have its own staffing system. The way you operate may not be as efficient in the beginning, but after working with an outsourcing partner, you’ll have an outsourcing strategy that’s fully developed and customized to match your needs and your budget.

The reason why these key benefits have been split between clients and employees is that being a fair trade call center means that people take a central role in the outsourcing relationship. The collaborative partnership between client and provider creates key benefits to both parties. This is the beauty of a fair trade arrangement in a global outsourcing partnership.

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