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5 Ways Text Support Services Can Boost Your Business

June 20, 2018 Roma Gonzales
5 Ways Text Support Services Can Boost Your Business

More people in the world own a mobile device than a toothbrush. In the US, 91% of Americans have their cell phones with them 24/7.

A business like yours can take advantage of this unfettered popularity of cell phones. In fact, many companies in the U.S. and abroad have already integrated the use of text or SMS support into their business processes and strategies.

If you’re of the same mind, then take time to learn how you can use text or SMS support to advance your business.

1.) You can build an online business easily and quickly.

In 2019, the market for internet retail will probably rise to about 224 million online shoppers from the US alone. At present, 79% of American consumers already shop online. Now, imagine what the global stats are like for this industry and you can see how much more profitable it will become in the near future.

This kind of profitability is more accessible to you when you make use of text support. Use it as a way to remind your consumers of an abandoned cart, promote discounts to your loyal customers, send out special offers, and feature new items in your product line. This proactive approach keeps consumers engaged and stimulates repeat purchases.

2.) Provide accessible customer service and technical support.

Providing problem resolution is probably the most common use for text messaging support. Automated replies to common inquiries can be of great help to maintain and improve consumer satisfaction. These replies may be triggered by SMS which offers quick customer support and reduces the workload of thousands of call center agents.

Text support can also be used to notify customers when a support request has been queued, updated or resolved. Soliciting feedback through text is also an excellent way to give voice to your consumers. At the same time, businesses learn how to improve their services.

3.) Verify identity with only a few taps.

Email service providers and online banking services already use this method as a security checkpoint. Whenever the customer requests access to his account, an automated text with a time-limited passcode gets sent to his registered phone number to confirm his identity.

4.) Update customers in logistics and e-commerce.

Time-sensitive services such as those involving delivery and shipment can greatly benefit from text support services. Consumers will appreciate getting updates via SMS when their package has been received, or it has reached a certain facility or hub. SMS offers ease and speed to a greater number of recipients compared to web-based tracking often provided by delivery and shipping companies.

5.) Share news and information to a wider audience.

People often have their phones with them, probably more than their laptops or tablets. And, SMS can be sent even through a 2G network and reach more people living in rural areas. Thus, it’s easier and faster for businesses to disseminate news this way.

Text support can be used to promote an event and announce salient details like who to contact about getting tickets in advance and how to pay for them. Some government units even utilize SMS messaging to warn citizens about storms, wildfires, and other calamities.

SMS or text messages can reach consumers much faster and in a more personal manner. When used properly and with expertise, it can reach and attract your target market. In addition, text support can be used to augment already existing multichannel communication routes.

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