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Advantages of Outsourcing Text Support for Your Business

June 18, 2018 Roma Gonzales
Advantages of Outsourcing Text Support for Your Business

Responding to an email takes about 90 minutes. Responding to a text message? Only 90 seconds.

SMS or text support integration is fast gaining popularity. It’s a smart business strategy that provides better customer experience and maximizes sales. We have the technology now to access emails and bank accounts through mobile apps, so it’s very much possible to close a deal, book a ticket, or check-out a cart using one’s phone.

More than the accessibility and ease of use, there are four more reasons why you should consider outsourcing text support and integrating it into your business operations.

It is preferred by 52% of Americans.

Texting is fast, personal, and has a casual vibe, whereas emails and phone calls seem too serious and time-consuming, not to mention intimidating. Add the fact that more people have access to phones than computers, it’s easy to understand why 52% of US consumers would rather use text messaging to engage with a customer support agent.

An Andreessen Horowitz study revealed that approximately 1.5 billion units of smartphones were sold in 2014 in contrast to only 300 million PCs.

You can respond faster and around the clock.

No one likes to wait in this age. And with all the present technology, businesses don’t have any excuse to keep customers waiting.

Text is much more accessible because it can be done via phone, which is essentially a pocket-sized supercomputer. Clients don’t have to find a PC or use a tablet or laptop to connect to the internet to get an immediate answer to their question.

When you outsource your text support needs, this means a team halfway around the world will stay up and work for you while you and your onshore team are resting or having a holiday. There’s a consistent and reliable customer support that will undeniably foster loyalty among your consumers.

Resolve tech issues more quickly.

Automated responses can help direct your clients through other problem resolution processes. For instance, a distressed customer may raise a concern through text, and your system will either send out templates of answers to frequently asked questions or notify him that his issue is already on the queue.

In addition, you can use SMS to inform clients how they can get a hold of a phone representative if they want assistance, such as for example, giving the direct line to your billing department. This opens up other avenues for your customers to resolve problems. The overall quick and easy problem resolution process could boost your customer acquisition and retention rate.

Easily reach clients.

About 35% of the American workforce are Millennials. They are the largest generation of U.S. laborers.

What does this mean to you? Millennials are children of the internet, and most of them can’t live without their phones. When you send out cold emails, chances are, they won’t even be opened; most people are too busy working on their computers to pay heed to a time-sucking activity like checking one’s email.

On the other hand, communicating through text can be done even while you’re on the subway or sipping a latte at your favorite cafe. You can update a customer about an upcoming sale even if he is on a Grand Canyon hike. You can send a reminder about an ending subscription to a client who is on a bus.

Including text support in your strategies is a great opportunity to promote or advertise your goods, make announcements, and build relationships with clients.

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