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Five Considerations to Make When Outsourcing Graphic Design Work

June 6, 2018 Roma Gonzales
Five Considerations to Make When Outsourcing Graphic Design Work

Humans are such visual creatures. We hunger for food that looks delicious. We love looking at breathtaking sights. And, we’re often enamored by beautiful specimens of either gender. And, despite being illiterate many people can still communicate through visual cues in graphic design.

Researchers have discovered that people can only recall 10% of the information they overhear, but adding a picture increases how much they remember to 65%. Those who know how to take advantage of this fact, such as those in marketing, will surely reap the benefits.

If you’re in marketing or you own a business, and you’re thinking about getting someone to do graphic design work for you, here are five things to consider when hiring.

What exactly do you want to do?

What do you need graphic designers for? Are you looking for a logo design? Will you be needing a continuous stream of marketing ads? Or will you be providing graphic design services? What kind of art styles are you going after?

Having these questions answered is very important in determining which direction your company is going. For instance, a graphic designer may specialize in web design, photo editing, drafting, wireframing or multimedia designing. A graphic designer may or may not be an illustrator. Which skills are you after? If there’s anything you are still unsure about, stop and reflect before proceeding.

What’s your budget?

Go online and you’ll find thousands of graphic designers. Some are willing to work for only $9 per hour while others may charge up to $150 per hour. According to Upwork, the hourly average is around $45.

If it’s just a one-time deal, then you can get a graphic designer at a piece-meal rate. Some project-based contractors ask for a partial payment upfront. Others are fine with an escrow agreement wherein they may be paid in installments as each milestone is reached, and will only be paid in full once the project is complete.

Determining your budget will help you answer the rest of these questions.

Are you planning to you hire someone new or outsource through a third party?

Whether you hire an employee or outsource the graphic design work to a third-party, you’ll surely find ways to save money. If you chose to hire freelancers, you would see a lot of them tend to offer lower prices, depending on the complexity (or simplicity) of the job, the country they live in, and their level of expertise.

However, the hiring process can be tedious. You’ll be the one reviewing their portfolio, sorting through their work, and identifying which ones have real talent and which ones are posers. And, you’ll just have to throw caution to the wind and trust your gut that they’ll stick around until the job gets done.

In addition, you should be able to determine the payment scheme: is the salary twice or once a month? Will you pay a premium for rush jobs?

On the other hand, an outsourcing company offers the benefits of uniform pricing for your team of designers. It also does the recruitment, screening, and hiring on your behalf. On top of that, it supervises their designer’s work to ensure that your job gets done as you instructed. Instead of dealing with independent contractors from different countries, you’ll only have to work directly with one or two people from the outsourcing company.

How big should your team be?

Again, this depends on your vision and your budget. If you hire one or two graphic designers, and your business receives an influx of demands, you don’t want to compromise quality or turn away clients. At the same time, it’s also unwise to hire more people and regretfully realize that your expenses have exceeded your income.

Rethink Staffing suggests that you should start with five people first. Only add graphic designers to your team once you have a better sense of how your outsourced team may be integrated fully into your company’s operations.

Determine if you need an NDA.

For some artists and employers, an NDA doesn’t matter. To some, it’s a big legal issue. Decide whether or not you want full non-disclosure over the designs and projects you want to get done. A non-disclosure agreement is essential in protecting you from existing and potential competitors. This also ensures that only you will have ownership over the designs since the graphic designer is prohibited from sharing or re-selling his work.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for graphic designers will increase by 13% in 2020. Along with the boom in software, web and mobile app development, the need for visual designs that please the eyes and delight the crowd has transcended traditional media. From cereal boxes to gigantic billboards to now websites and apps, graphic design is and will remain a part of our daily lives and a critical aspect of marketing.

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