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Philippine Outsourcing Company Changes Logo, Mascot and Brand Strategy

October 24, 2016 Claire Ponsaran
Outsourcing Company in the Philippines Changes Logo, Mascots, Tagline and Brand Strategy

Michael Dershowitz is an American entrepreneur who has traveled around the world for both business and leisure. In one of his business trips, he found himself in the Philippines and became friends with some Filipino entrepreneurs and professionals. This friendship led him to build a successful KPO company.

Today, Rethink Staffing is born. It’s a sustainable outsourcing company in the Philippines that provides custom staffing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. The company believes in delivering outsourcing services with sustainability and social responsibility in mind. Rethink Staffing provides long-term middle-class employment to talented Filipino workers, and that’s exactly why the company exists.

To our clients, Rethink Staffing isn’t just an employment agency. RTS serves as their partner in growing their businesses. We help them improve their operational and financial efficiencies, and eventually achieve their business goals. We also want to build a strong and lasting relationship with our clients.

Rethink Staffing is also launching its new logos, mascots, and other marketing collaterals.

Old Rethink Staffing Mascots with Current RTS Logo
Old Rethink Staffing Mascots with Current RTS Logo

Check out the image above. The logo has two pluses that look like people standing together. One plus is yellow and the other is blue. The colors represent the positivity, intelligence, and trustworthiness of our employees. Our two mascots – a boy and a girl – represent the skilled men and women in the company. They’re serious about their work, but they also know how to have a good time.

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