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Scalability, Adaptability and Sustainability when Outsourcing to the Philippines

March 2, 2017 Claire Ponsaran

Whether you’re outsourcing to a domestic company or outsourcing to the Philippines, you get to enjoy three major advantages that may not be possible if you were not. These advantages are scalability, adaptability, and sustainability. Let’s get to know what these advantages are and how you can achieve your business goals that align with these three.

Scalability in Outsourcing

In outsourcing, scalability on the part of third-party service providers means they have the capability to provide services with a wider scope and according to specifications given by their clients. They can help their clients quickly grow their businesses without the common restraints encountered by small enterprises or start-ups. These restraints include dealing with the scarcity of talented hires in their locale and coming up short of financial fuel to reinvest in their business.

Outsourcing to the Philippines means you’ll have access to a highly educated workforce, which widens your chances of finding the best staff to hire. This also cuts down the costs of paying for overhead, labor and other extraneous expenses related to running a satellite office. Rather than construct a captive center, businesses are encouraged to partner with an offshore service provider to solve staffing problems and expand without spending too much.

Scalability also means businesses have the capability to shrink the size of their staff and streamline their operations without worrying about the consequences.

Scalability allows each project to receive individual attention, and decreases time and money spent on approaches that will not garner successful results. As a result, companies are lowering costs and increasing efficiencies while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

A lean organization has the ability to produce work without passing through unnecessary hoops. This saves money and delivers quality output at the soonest time possible. Moreover, a growing company may hire a large offshore team when they need to ramp up their production or shrink the size of their outsourced staff to just three people when it’s not peak season.

Scalability, Adaptability and Sustainability when Outsourcing to the Philippines

Adaptability in Outsourcing

Adaptability, like scalability, is a major advantage to outsourcing. For outsourcing providers in the Philippines, adaptability means they’re capable of recalibrating their work processes and embracing new technologies according to the changing needs of their clients and the prevailing market challenges.

For instance, a graphic design agency may need video editors and animators as they expand the scope of their services and become a multimedia company that produces creative work for web, TV, and print. Rather than add new employees to their payroll, outsourcing the work to a third-party provider saves them the trouble of recruiting and training their new staff.

Outsourcing companies in the Philippines that provide support for graphic design may already have a team of illustrators, video editors, animators, and graphic designers. This also means they already have the right design tools or have the capability to add new software or devices even before implementation and kickoff. So, they’re better prepared to handle increasing requests for new designs and deliver them as quickly as possible.

Clearly, adaptability is an important criterion for clients looking to outsource. This is especially important when businesses integrate Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) technology adoption into their strategies.

Service providers need to be able to adapt to changing client developments in order to maintain client satisfaction and clients want a service provider which can meet its needs over time, not just at the start of a relationship. Formalising the process… allows a robust assessment of whether the capabilities to adapt currently exist as well as providing a route to making any necessary improvements. The cyclical nature of this process also supports benefits being maintained over time, allowing service providers to continuously meet changing client requirements.

In essence, scalability and adaptability are major factors in providing sustainable outsourcing solutions to businesses.

Sustainability in Outsourcing

Sustainability is not only about protecting the environment or providing solutions that can adapt to changing needs and help scale a business at a reasonable cost. In the service sector, sustainability also means offering internships and knowledge transfer programs to universities and colleges. These programs will narrow the gap between the needs of outsourcing companies and the current skill sets of college graduates. And so, businesses – both local and global – are assured of an ample supply of healthy and trainable workers.

Outsourcing firms have to stay competitive in a global economy, and integrating sustainability practices into their operations is part of the strategy. They can go up the value chain and provide the human capital needed to do more complex work, such as editors and writers for legal documents or trained medical professionals who can easily understand and transcribe the recorded dictations of physicians. Having a good number of people who can do specialized work in your employ is ideal, but it’s even more important you’ll always have a good supply of skilled workers.

You may be the owner of a thriving business or a harried manager dealing with staffing problems or productivity issues. Outsourcing to the Philippines can help you overcome these hurdles. In return, you will have the advantages of scaling up your operations, adapting to changes in technology and staffing needs, and making sure you have sustainable solutions in place without worrying about the costs and the work involved.

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