Outsourcing to the Philippines Through Impact Sourcing

Find articles and infographics about outsourcing in the Philippines, impact sourcing, and fair trade call center solutions. Learn how the IT-BPO industry in the Philippines has thrived and helped alleviate poverty in a developing nation.

September 13, 2018 Claire Ponsaran How Outsourcing SMS Support Creates Value to All Kinds of Businesses

Outsourcing SMS support for different processes creates value for all kinds of businesses in several ways. It provides for cost-efficient customer service delivered through a combination of human intervention and automation. It can increase engagement and retention when used wisely for customer support. And, it can increase sales when used in support of marketing campaigns….

September 7, 2018 Claire Ponsaran Why Outsource SMS Support for Sales and Marketing

According to TextRequest, more than 6 billion texts are sent every day in the United States. The average consumer sends 72 messages per day, including app-to-app messaging. It’s obvious that SMS support plays a vital role in business, especially in sales and marketing. Outsourcing SMS support for these consumer-oriented business processes definitely brings advantages to…

July 10, 2018 Claire Ponsaran We Are Hiring

The Junior Software Developer will be a part of an agile development team that will build and maintain enterprise-grade software systems. The Junior Software Developer is involved in all areas of development from design to development to testing. Requirements: Preferably a graduate of a 4-year I.T. related course Minimum of 2 years experience in Java…

June 27, 2018 Roma Gonzales Proactive vs Reactive Web Chat Support: Which is Better?

As competition increases and client expectations diversify, ecommerce businesses have to find new ways to stay on top of their game. To improve customer satisfaction and reduce cart abandonment, some online retailers have already integrated web chat support into their business. According to this Forrester study, 44% of online buyers are impressed when their concerns are…