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Rethink Staffing’s First Easter Egg Design Contest

April 17, 2017 RTS Admin

Rethink Staffing (RTS) recently had its first Easter Egg Design Contest titled “Eggs Factor” which ran from April 6 to 16, 2017. The contest had a theme “Hopes and Dreams” in reference to the symbolic hope that Easter brings to our lives. We can proudly say that the contest was a resounding success!

More than a dozen RTS employees participated. Each participant received an egg on April 6, Thursday. It might seem like the time was too short for them to think up unique designs that would bedazzle the judges. But, by April 10 most of them have already finished designing their eggs. Everyone who saw the entries displayed on the table were amazed with the depth of creativity and the effort that went into crafting each egg’s appearance.

Some participants chose to paint their eggs by hand, adding details about Filipino traditions and celebrations.


Others attached a few accessories, such as gems, glitter and sequins, to enhance the appearance of their eggs.


A notable few have a whimsical appearance. A couple eggs were made to look like a well-known fairy tale character and a Justice League superhero.


Another looked like the Easter Bunny all dressed in pink.


 And, a lovely pair of eggs were even wedded in bliss.


The rest opted to create art installations where their eggs became the focal point. And, these installations even used some clever lighting.


And the WINNERS are…

Before going on a short break for Holy Week, the staff gathered the judges in a small quiet room to thoroughly examine each egg design. It was difficult for the judges to choose only three winners. Many of the eggs were so lovingly and expertly made. But, the judges finally came to a consensus and here are the results.


FIRST PRIZE – Jeanny Garganera


SECOND PRIZE – James Bryan Dianito


THIRD PRIZE – Princess Mae Guion

Congratulations to the winners! And, let us give everyone who participated in this contest a big round of applause. We’re happy that you gave us a peek into your artistic abilities. It was a revelation to see the creative side of RTS employees. Thank you so much!