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Rethink Staffing’s Tennis Racket Initiative for Filipino Kids

October 15, 2016 Claire Ponsaran
Rethink Staffing's Tennis Racket Initiative for Filipino Kids

In a country like the Philippines, tennis rarely comes up in conversations about sports. People often talked about basketball, volleyball, and soccer. Tennis is a sport often associated with the wealthy. It’s an option for students to take for their P.E. classes, but only those who can afford a tennis racket can learn to play the game. Because of this, people generally assumed that most Filipinos aren’t that interested in tennis.

Rethink staffing’s Founder and Managing Director, Michael Dershowitz, proved them wrong.

Every time he’s on a business trip to the Philippines, Mike makes sure to play tennis with friends. Iloilo City has several tennis courts available for public use. The plazas in Lapaz and Leganes have tennis courts, and the tennis court in Iloilo Sports Complex is available for a small fee.

During one of his pick-up games with a friend, Mike noticed there were a lot of enthusiastic onlookers and most of them were children. In between sets, he went over to have a chat with them and found out they wanted to play. The kids showed interest in learning tennis, but they can’t because the rackets were too expensive and there aren’t any rackets to borrow from friends.

This led Mike to organize a donation drive for old and unused tennis rackets.

Tennis as a sport fosters discipline and sportsmanship, two traits that we want to instill in the youth of Iloilo City, Philippines. This Christmas season, let us touch the lives of our fellowmen by giving back to the Filipino community. If you have old tennis rackets that you wish to donate, drop them off at the following locations:

  • Tennis Junction at 1014 W. Lancaster Avenue in Bryn Mawr, and
  • Delaware Valley Tennis Academy at 4 N Warner Avenue in Bryn Mawr.

For your questions and feedback, call Debbie Kaplan via her mobile (610) 585-6006.

This initiative is also in line with Rethink Staffing’s desire to give back to the community. After gathering up the tennis rackets, the company will send them to the Philippines. We already have a couple of instructors who will teach these underprivileged kids the beauty of the sport known as tennis. Let’s share the spirit of the holidays with them!

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