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Why Hire Real Estate Appraiser Support Staff in the Philippines

January 30, 2017 Claire Ponsaran
Why Hire Real Estate Appraiser Support Staff in the Philippines

Producing as many reports as possible is one of many goals of a real estate appraiser. However, it’s been known that experienced appraisers can produce only two to three reports each day. And, they’re usually affiliated with big firms and hired by local and state government offices as well as banks and other financial institutions. They already have a steady supply of clients looking to have their residential and commercial properties evaluated.

But, how about real estate appraisers who are working for themselves or working for a small agency? How do they increase their productivity and their earnings? One of the most efficient ways to meet this goal is to outsource to the Philippines.

Why the Philippines? Here are a few reasons that John Jonas, owner of and an outsourcing expert, provided:

  • Filipinos are taught English in school. As a result, most college-educated Filipinos are fluent in reading/writing English.
  • Many outsourced call centers have physical locations in the Philippines, thus many Filipino workers have experience working with global customers, and speaking fluent English.

Filipinos are more fluent in English compared to their Asian neighbors.

BPO or KPO workers in India and China probably cost less to hire, but the fact that Filipinos speak unaccented, conversational English gives them an edge over their fellow Asians. Moreover, Filipinos have a longer exposure to American films and TV shows, and this helped them develop a keen ear for American slang and an ability to differentiate accents.

Filipinos are more Westernized than their fellow Asians.

After the Second World War, the United States became one of the closest allies of the Philippines. Many Americans settled in the islands. Missionaries established schools and began teaching Filipinos how to speak, read and write English. Goods and services, as well as films and books from the United States, are easily made available for Filipinos to enjoy.

Many Filipinos are internet savvy.

An article in Huffington Post published in 2016 revealed that the Philippines population of internet users are among the highest in Asia.

The January 2015 “Digital In the Philippines” snapshot of We Are Social counts that among the total Philippine population of 100.8 million (with urbanization at 49%), there are 44.2 million active Internet users. Of these 44.2 million Internet users, 90% have active social media accounts.

The number of Filipinos who use the internet daily for leisure or for work has grown by more than 500% in the last four years. This is a huge indicator that you’ll find internet-savvy workers to hire for BPO or KPO jobs. For an updated profile of internet users in the Philippines, check out this special feature in Rappler.

Many BPO companies have constructed their offshoring operations in the Philippines.

Many Filipinos have the experience and training in handling calls from irate Americans. Filipinos are welcoming and courteous to customers. Filipinos working in the tourism and hospitality industry also have the same exposure to managing customers from the U.S. and other countries.

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your real estate appraisal support staff, consider taking on a reliable corporate partner in a global collaboration that knows exactly what you need and can help you face the challenges of hiring offshore. Partner with Rethink Staffing and let us help you scale without draining your resources.

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