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Why Work for a Socially Responsible Company like RTS?

November 29, 2016 Claire Ponsaran
Why Work for a Socially Responsible Company like RTS?

Rethink Staffing is a BPO company in the Philippines that considers itself as an impact sourcing service provider. We provide quality services as other companies do. But, we have something that’s rarely seen in our competitors. We are a socially responsible outsourcing company.

Jobs Creation

For RTS, being socially responsible means we’re creating jobs that pay well and provide long-term employment for deserving workers in the Philippines. The country produces more than 500,000 college graduates each year. Their English-speaking skills are above average, which makes them perfect candidates for BPO jobs.

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has registered an employment rate of 94.2% in the Philippines in January 2016. Moreover, an unemployment rate of 5.40% in the third quarter of 2016 is considered an all-time low from 1994 to 2016. These data serve as proof that jobs in the outsourcing sector made a great impact on the Philippine economy. Because more people are employed, they have greater purchasing power than before.

Find Meaningful Work

But, why should Filipino job seekers choose to work for a company that’s focused on being socially responsible, among other things? In this age, money isn’t the only reward for a job well done. Many millennials want to find meaning in the work they do. That’s why they should work for a company that wants to have a social and economic impact on the lives of its employees. Their jobs will give them a sense of achievement that not only comes from performing one’s duties at work and receiving bonuses at the end of the year but also from helping other people.

Enjoy HMO Benefits

Outsourcing companies are known for putting their employees into irregular shifts. And for night shift employees, working while everyone else is sleeping can affect their health and social life. That’s why socially responsible companies like RTS provide HMO services for its employees in the Philippines on top of the standard benefits they receive from government-supported agencies, such as SSS, PhilHealth, and Pag-ibig.

Bridging the Gaps in Education and Recruitment

In addition, holding special events, contests and group activities each year encourages employees to interact, get to know each other really well, and develop a strong bond. Companies like RTS are also involved in outreach programs where they offer on-the-job training for skilled students who want to work in BPO/KPO. This narrows the gap between the education that college students receive and the real work that employees do in BPO or KPO companies.

Continued Learning and Skills Upgrade

Outsourcing services also offer employees the opportunity to learn and expand their skills set. They’re not just advancing their skills in handling calls and answering emails, they’re also learning the trade of their clients, such as real estate and medical or dental services. In this sense, outsourcing jobs help employees expand their knowledge of the world and its businesses.

Developing Work Ownership

Like any other company, however, an outsourcing services provider also encounters challenges in keeping their employees happy and motivated. In this regard, a company like RTS makes good use of its business model. Employees work for clients and report to them directly. They are the ones who are mainly responsible for providing quality service. Ultimately, this instills in employees a strong sense of ownership and accountability in their work.

Corporate social responsibility is more than doing charity work or donating to a community. It’s also about providing sustainable employment to deserving people and helping educators mold their students into recruitable candidates for jobs in BPO and KPO.

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