Impact Sourcing

In the last 30 years, the global BPO industry has lifted millions of people out of poverty.
In the Philippines, we want to do the same for our employees. Our goal is to set as many
people as possible for impact sourcing work that pays up to 3 times the poverty line.
We want to move them into the middle-class as soon as possible, and convert them from wage
earners to capital owners.

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Your decision to choose our superior labor outsourcing system makes a positive impact on our agent’s lives, their families and communities. 

Impact Sourcing - Income used to help dependents

Impact Sourcing - Agents with Dependents

Nica - Agent Stories - Impact Sourcing via Rethink Staffing

Impact Sourcing - Average Number of Dependents per Agent

Impact Sourcing - Agents with at least one Proud Purchase

From our pool of middle-class wage earners, we grow a new generation of capital owners whose businesses indirectly benefit their neighborhood.

Step 1 - Training
step 2
step 3 - Continuous Learning and Development
step 4 - Rising Above the Middle Class
step 5 - Becoming Capital Owners

Expanding our Impact on Fair Trade Outsourcing™ Employees

Karen is the first FTO’s Power
Agent to receive our Zero Interest Microloan for Business.

She now operates a 5 unit coin operated computer and internet shop. This business provides her with an additional income stream that she solely owns and not just work for.


We launched our Motors for Progress Zero Interest Microloan Program

Private transportation gives our agents more control of their time and prevents them from losing time when they commute by public vehicles. It also gives them the opportunity to channel time saved in productive endeavors like learning and business that will eventually improve their economic lives.

18 Power Agents upleveled in
English Proficiency

Our agents undergo a cycle of learning experiences and benchmark tests that enable them to build their capacity and uplevel. Achievement is linked to compensation and will qualify them to take on higher level work and progress in life.


English Proficiency
Catastrophic Fund

Since the launch of this program, 14 employees who experienced a catastrophic situation received help from FTO.

The Catastrophic Fund Program was set up to ease the burden that our agents experience when a catastrophe happens to them and their family. 

Impact Sourcing Resources

Outsourcing not only provides competitive advantages to businesses, but also opens up opportunities for a wider range of people and communities in dynamic economic sectors. Business leaders are beginning to think more about how they can play a more active role in bringing opportunity to underprivileged communities throughout the world.

We’ve heard of small businesses in the retail industry taking advantage of the craftsmanship and low-cost wages of weavers and jewelry makers in Asian countries. The IT-BPO industry is also doing the same thing, and this is what impact sourcing is all about. So, how do you identify an impact sourcing business?

Because of globalization, businesses now have an interdependent, mutually beneficial, and collaborative relationship with one another. Your business can overcome any challenge that comes along when you’re closely connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems. And, these systems can be found in outsourcing.

Humans of FTO

As you maximize your profits with us, you lift thousands of lives out of poverty.


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and create positive social impact.