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Our Expertise

Fair Trade Outsourcing™ is more than a BPO company in Philippines.
We ensure that outsourcing creates measurable social impact.

Our focus on the agent’s social welfare and economic progress is what makes us unique. It develops a greater level of work ownership that produces superior customer service.


Your team can take care of back-office jobs swiftly. With attrition rates that are 10 times lower than the industry average, you’ll have a team working for you 24/7.

Access help desk support, cloud services and monitoring and management of IT devices. Deliver functional software development projects to your clients and ensure that products meet quality standards.


Capture, clean, organize and analyze data to produce meaningful information with more than 98% accuracy.

Why Trust Us?

We outperform the industry at every turn because we treat our people better. 
And, the results speak for themselves.

Voluntary Attrition
Daily Absenteeism

Don’t just take our word for it! 
Hear what our clients have to say.

“Fair Trade Outsourcing has been super easy to work with! The honest communication from the leadership team has made the experience very pleasant. The new team members have also been easy to work with and it has helped us organize our own training materials. We will continue working with FTO and will probably double our staff for next year!”

The Warming Store
Zach Silverman
General Manager
The Warming Store

“By integrating Fair Trade Outsourcing into our operation it has signified an overall improvement. Their highly skilled and qualified staff are trained to perform and deliver on all key performance indicators. We undeniably have established a very rewarding partnership which we expect will only continue to be more productive and meaningful for our business.”

ProctorU Logo 1
Steve Morgan
Vice President of Operations
ProctorU, Inc.


“I have had a very positive experience due to the attention to detail. hard work, and asking of intelligent questions by your staff. So far, I have nothing but positive things to say about working with Fair Trade Outsourcing. I would suggest that other companies give FTO a try for their data entry and business support needs.”

Spyglass Appraisal
Jon Davis
Spyglass Appraisal, LLC

“Discover how you can create social and economic impact by using free markets for good, not evil. ”

Built to Outperform Industry Standards


We train teams to be scalable according to your needs. Each team has an account manager that monitors each agent’s performance. Daily and weekly reports are delivered to your inbox, and quarterly reviews are done to ensure continuous improvement.


We have redundant power and internet connections to ensure continuity in operations. Our delivery center in the Philippines is compliant with government regulations. Access to work areas is limited by biometric scans and guards stationed at every entrance 24/7.



We have security measures in place to protect the integrity of your data. Access to equipment is limited, network usage is monitored, and only authorized portable storage devices are allowed.


Employee learning and development is not limited to technical know-how but covers a wide range of subjects. We get our agents to develop English Proficiency. We also provide cross-cultural communications, client management, and soft skills training, among other competencies. Access to a global workforce with multi-dimensional skills is within your grasp.



How It Works

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Our folks can pretty much do anything as long as it requires a computer, an internet connection, and a brain. It’s just a matter of designing the workload and managing the hours well for greater efficiency and productivity.

Assemble and Train Circle Icon


Once we understand the work and skill sets needed, we’ll start putting together your team. Training can take anywhere from 5 days to 30 days depending on your team’s size and the complexity of their tasks.


Optimize and Scale Circle Icon


You’ll have a dedicated account manager and our on-site operations manager on your side to help you optimize your workforce and scale your team as you see fit. 


Humans of FTO

As you maximize your profits with us, you lift thousands of lives out of poverty. 

Get an Outperforming Team to Deliver Superior Results.